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Michael Chacko Plamparambil

The process of Christification through psycho-spiritual encounter. A study of theology of theosis and Franco Imoda's understanding of recovery of the human mystery

Tesi di Dottorato difesa il 09/10/2021

Moderatore: Babu Sebastian
Censore 1: Giuseppe Crea
Censore 2: Xabier Larrañaga
Esaminatore: Maurizio Bevilacqua

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  This research study engages two models in an interdisciplinary dialogue.  The first, theology of theosis/Christification, is primarily an anthropological and soteriological expression of Christian theology.  The second, the pedagogical approach of Imoda, is fundamentally based on the broader Christian anthropology and has a pedagogical nature and objective.  Its proposed pedagogical/therapeutic instrument ‘Vocational Growth Sessions” (VGS), has the objective of the recovery of the dimension of mystery, and attempts to genuinely spiritualize the person’s human and psychological struggle.  The study explores the basic concepts, development, anthropological vision, theological approach, and orientation of the former and compares them with those of the latter. The comparison of the two constructs claims that an empathically receptive psycho-spiritual encounter in the course of VGS can help strengthen the process of realizing the human potential for Christification. This study end with an exploration of the the potential application of the two constructs to the context of consecrated life and to formation of consecrated persons.